The epic adventures of turkey and tiredness!

Happy (almost) Canadian Turkey Day! I've been focusing a lot on my health this week to some success and failures - hey, I'm drinking the clear liquid stuff so that's great. I'm running on little sleep, little motivation, and little energy at the moment. The temptation to chug three pots of coffee in one go … Continue reading The epic adventures of turkey and tiredness!


Inktober – Days Six to Thirteen

Day Six - Prompt: Husky It's a tone that creates a feeling of warmth. Reminiscent of cold nights with hot chocolate, beside a large log fire - his voice evokes these cozy memories and thoughts. As the icy feeling of the blade slipping between my ribs seeps through, the deep husky voice warms my last … Continue reading Inktober – Days Six to Thirteen

The thrills of a panic attack

Panic attacks are awful and anyone who glamorizes or romanticizes them are idiots who have never experienced one. They're messy, they're noisy, and honestly they leave an acidic taste in the back of my throat for the following hour. Here are some questions from an imaginary writer who has not experienced a panic attack, with … Continue reading The thrills of a panic attack

The loneliness of social media

The last few days I've failed to post. Mostly due to my own reasoning being - I needed a few self care days. A lot was going on, and still is, and during a day of self-reflection and trying to relax I watched an interesting mini-documentary by Melanie Murphy (Youtuber) that had just been released. … Continue reading The loneliness of social media

Five days – the first milestone!

Day one of New Attitude: Listening to a new podcast Got dressed for a change Need to brush teeth Following the minute-rule Wrote my prompt for inktober and updated Instagram as an FYI Discovered desk treadmills So far, so good. Apologies for the rant last night, but it was definitely something that I needed to … Continue reading Five days – the first milestone!

Four Days and Counting

So the last few days I've been re-evaluating the direction of my life, and some of the goals I had in mind. I'm falling into habits of constantly being on social media, of always scrolling and falling into a rabbit hole of the latest celebrity gossip, stupid videos on the internet, and not actually focusing … Continue reading Four Days and Counting